Caramel clothes: The process

The creation process that defies all conventional expectations. You might think it all starts with a design program or sketch, but in reality, the crafting of every Caramel piece plunges right into a journey of trial and error. Endless hours are spent in the workshop, where different garments are fused together, experimenting with paints, brushes, drawings and costume jewellery, with the aim of reaching a garment that can be fused with another or, on occasions, completely discarded. As the creative process progresses, ideas emerge spontaneously, giving rise to incomparable and genuine garments that could never be imitated.

For this reason, my focus is on bringing to market only the most outstanding results of these pieces in each collection, making sure that they disappear to make way for new creations in the next release. Although someone might try to vaguely imitate a Caramel garment, what they will never be able to do is create a new garment in the characteristic CARAMEL style.

Caramel garments arise from an artistic process.


At Caramel, my top priority is to ensure my garments are of the highest quality, with exceptional durability, strength, and responsible ethics. For this reason, a fundamental part in the manufacturing process of each garment resides in the careful selection of base products from sustainable and fair sources, using non-polluting materials that are not harmful to the environment and animals, prioritizing comfort and softness in each garment. design. Also, many of my exclusive garments are the result of the reuse of materials, forming part of the Upcycled movement.

It is important to note that in Caramel, there will not be any garment for sale that does not meet these expectations. Throughout these two years, I have established strong links with the best suppliers of national fabrics and clothing, who fully trust our project and share our commitment to quality and ethical responsibility.


Emerging from a limitless creative process, Caramel garments are often more complex in their construction compared to the market standard. This singularity is due to the fact that no one but Caramel can recreate a garment identical to another, since every detail is taken care of and each garment is given a unique singularity. Importantly, the entire production process takes place locally, even in my own home. From the moment the garments are blank until they are shipped, each one passes through my hands, thus ensuring meticulous and personalized attention at each stage of the process.


During the two years of Caramel's existence, we have not received any complaints from our customers regarding the quality, fading or durability of the prints on our garments. This is because each stage of curing and printing is meticulously cared for, using mostly ecological inks and all with non-toxic certificates. From the beginning, I have made the garments in my own home, using artisan resources. However, to further raise the quality of the HornyBoy Origins collection, I have decided to collaborate with one of the best screen printers in Spain, Maria Cristina Prats, who has more than 30 years of experience and has worked with well-known brands and designers. As always, at Caramel we join forces with the best candidates to obtain an excellent result.